Signs That You Are Dealing With A Weak Tree

Weak trees are dangerous and difficult to remove because they can fall unexpectedly, splinter or fall in the wrong direction and cause damage or injury. That's why you need to know the stability of a tree before attempting to cut it down. Here are four situations that point to a weak tree that needs to be removed with care: The Tree Has Survived a Fire The fact that a tree has survived a fire doesn't mean that it is strong enough.

Reasons To Have Your Pine Trees Trimmed

If you have a large number of pine trees in your yard, you may be considering having the trees trimmed. Here are a few reasons why: Ice Storms When pine trees are exposed to ice, they can break, causing large amounts of property damage, especially if the trees are situated close to your home. Each pine tree branch includes a large number of needles, and as ice forms on the tree, each needle is individually coated by the frozen water.

2 Effective Methods For Destroying A Tree Stump

Cutting down a sick or damaged tree is not enough to ensure that it will cease presenting a nuisance in your yard. Unless you attend to the resulting stump as well, you may find it putting out new growth quite rapidly. If you would like to increase your knowledge of tree stump management, read on. This article will teach you two effective methods for destroying a stump once and for all.

Tips For Caring For Trees During A Drought

With the summer months approaching, drought conditions will become a problem in many areas of the country. If this affects you, it may leave you wondering how to deal with tree trimming on your property this year. If you want to be sure that you don't damage your tree or cause it to suffer more severe drought effects, there are some things that you should know. Here are a few tips to help you get your trees through the drought season.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming On Around Your Business

Regardless of what type of business you manage, it is your responsibility to maintain the grounds around your business. No one is going to want to purchase services or products from your business if the grounds are messy and cluttered. A big question business owners tend to ask is whether or not tree trimming is a beneficial investment. In order to decide, it helps to look at the benefits of trimming the trees around your business.

3 DIY Methods To Remove A Tree Stump

Do you have a tree stump in your yard? Removing it may be a good idea. Besides being eyesores, tree stumps can also be hazards. If you have kids, they could trip over the stump and fall while playing in the yard. Also, a tree stump may take up valuable space in your yard. If you remove the stump, you could plant flowers, a garden, or simply expand your lawn. You can always hire a tree stump removal professional to do the job for you, but you can also do it yourself.

Signs Your Trees Are Sick

Even though your yard without trees seems unthinkable, you can lose your prize oaks and elms if you don't keep them healthy. Too often, people just take their trees for granted until something drastic happens, like fallen limbs or dead branches. You can help ensure the health of your trees if you watch for signs of illness.  Deadwood Deadwood has become an expression for people who do not contribute to a group effort, but it literally refers to dead branches on trees.

Five High-Maintenance Shade Trees To Avoid

The benefits of shade trees are legion. They increase your property value, reduce heating and cooling costs and improve your home's curb appeal. But some trees require a significant amount of extra labor to keep them healthy and looking their best. Such trees often cause stress and frustration for homeowners, significantly offsetting their value.   When planning to install new trees on your property, be sure to consider the maintenance your new trees will need, and avoid the following five high-maintenance species, unless you are prepared to put in the necessary time and effort.

Tree Got You Stumped? 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Unsightly Tree Stumps

If unsightly tree stumps are preventing you from using your yard the way you'd like to, you need to get rid of them. Stump removal can be easier than it sounds, especially if you use the proper techniques. Here are three tips that will help you get rid of the stumps in your yard. Dig It Out If the stump is small enough, you should be able to dig it out.

Reasons Homeowners Should Hire a Tree Trimming Service

Have you moved into a home that has one or more trees on the property? Do the trees seem to be overgrown and suffering from a lack of care? While you might be tempted to get a hacksaw or pruning shears and start trimming away, the task may be more complicated than you think. Here are some good reasons why you should leave the tree trimming to the professionals: Potential tree damage: If you trim your tree at the wrong time of year or remove the wrong portion of its branches, you can weaken it and potentially kill it.

2 Reasons You Should Consider Removing A Tree From Your Property

Trees are part of our world and have an important place in it, but that does not mean they need to be right next to your home. A tree can help with curb appeal, but there is a lot that could go wrong that you should consider. The following are two reasons you may want to remove a tree from your property. 1. Help Prevent Plumbing Issues There are a few problems that could arise with your plumbing system when trees are too close to your home.

Three Reasons Why Those Cute Tree-Stump Projects Shouldn't Involve In-Ground Stumps

If you are a homeowner who has just had a tree or two cut down, you know you have to figure out what to do with the stump. Removing it is an option, but it's tempting to try to do something cute with the stump, like turn it into a seat. While it is possible to repurpose the wood, you don't want to do that with a stump that is still in the ground -- you want to remove the stump and use the wood as you would raw lumber.

Five Pests That Tend To Attack Trees In The Springtime

The springtime months are a great time of the year for your trees. They'll burst into brilliant greens as leaf buds begin to push out and open up.However, the coming warmth of the springtime also attracts some unwelcome guests to your trees. As the weather warms up, you can expect an increasing risk of pest infestation in your trees. Identifying the enemy is one of the first steps of fighting a pest infestation.

Deciding Whether To Remove A Stump

Cutting down a tree is the easy part. Deciding what to do about the stump is tricky. Trying to cut a stump with a chainsaw can damage the saw, and trying to pull your stump out with your truck can damage the truck. In light of how tricky it can be to remove a stump, you might be tempted to leave any stump you find in the ground. However, there are at least three reasons to remove the stump.

4 Options For Tree Removal And Dealing With Hazardous Trees Near Your Home

If you have trees that are too close to your home, you may want to have them cut down and hauled off. This can be a good option for common trees like pines, but if the tree is rare or special to you, you may want to save it. You may also want to save by dealing with the tree waste yourself, which can be used for many DIY projects around your home.

Wood And Stump Leftover After Tree Removal? Use Them For Your Landscaping

If you have had a tree removed from your yard, you will have a lot of wood and a tree stumps left over. Instead of paying someone to remove these things for you, below are some ways you can use them for your landscaping.  Wood There are many things you can do with leftover wood for your landscaping, including: Flowerbed Edging Wood works great as an edging for flower gardens. Remove all bark from the wood, and use a chainsaw to cut the wood pieces the sizes you need.

Recently Buy A Home? 3 Essential Tree Trimming Tips To Follow

If you are a first-time home buyer, chances are that you have never owned property that has trees you are responsible for. You may be wondering what you should do in order to keep your trees healthy. Tree trimming is an important part of this, but you shouldn't rush into cutting branches without knowing what you are doing, since cutting the wrong branches at the wrong time can have a lasting effect on your trees.

Insects And Pests That Can Harm The Paperbark Maple – And How To Prevent Damage

Paperbark maple trees are a distinctive ornamental tree with a reddish brown exfoliating bark and bright green leaves that turn orange in the fall. Paperbark maples are a great ornamental tree for smaller yards as the tree is moderate in size, can be easily pruned to be even smaller, and grows slowly. Paperbarks are a fairly hearty tree that isn't vulnerable to many potentially fatal tree diseases or insect infestations. Insect infestations can still happen and cause damage, but addressing the problem with a tree care service can usually keep the tree form suffering much long-term damage.

Transplanting A Young Tree? Avoid These Mistakes To Ensure Its Survival

One of the easiest ways to plant a tree in your yard is to buy a young tree from a garden center and transplant it into your yard. Though this process is pretty straightforward, there is still room for error. Avoid making these mistakes, and you'll increase your tree's chances of survival. Mistake #1: Digging too narrow of a hole. In order for your tree to anchor itself into its new home and begin growing, it will need to send out roots.

Caring For Your Crabapple Tree

Crabapple trees add elegant beauty to any yard with their white or pink blooms and bountiful foliage. However, these trees do require some care in order to maintain their health and beauty. If you own a crabapple tree, here are three things you need to do in order to care for it properly. Have it pruned. Some crabapple trees require more pruning than others to keep them looking neat, but all should be pruned at least once a year in early spring to remove dead branches and to maintain good air flow.

Removing A Termite-Infested Tree Without Scattering The Colony

It's never a pleasant surprise when you find a termite colony living inside an old tree on your property, particularly if it is standing close to your home. Your first inclination might be to burn the whole tree down and salt the earth around it, but a more measured approach often leads to better results. Because termite colonies extend into the roots and soil surrounding trees, a simple removal will not solve your problem and may even exacerbate it.