2 Effective Methods For Destroying A Tree Stump

Cutting down a sick or damaged tree is not enough to ensure that it will cease presenting a nuisance in your yard. Unless you attend to the resulting stump as well, you may find it putting out new growth quite rapidly. If you would like to increase your knowledge of tree stump management, read on. This article will teach you two effective methods for destroying a stump once and for all.

The Epsom Salt Method

Most people know Epsom salt simply as a soothing bath additive. Yet this common substance can also be put to effective use as a way to promote rot, and thus prevent a tree stump from causing unwanted problems. Here's what you'll need to do. First, head out to the stump with a power drill. Make a series of evenly spaced holes with at least a 1/4" width. Space the holes so that they lie approximately three inches from the stump's edge.

Now fill each of the holes up to its top using Epsom salt. Then add enough water to fully saturate the salt, without allowing it to spill out the holes. Now use a candle to seal each of the holes with a layer of wax. The wax will prevent the Epsom salt from washing out. Thus it will be able to perform its job successfully, depriving the stump of water until it dies and begins to rot.

The Fire Method

Rotting a stump with Epsom salt is highly effective, yet it can take weeks before the stump has died completely. Those longing for a more expedient solution often choose to burn out their stump instead. Before proceeding, contact the fire department in your area to determine whether controlled stump burns are allowed. It is also important to realize that fresh stumps will need to be allowed to dry out for at least several weeks before they can be burned effectively.

Here, as with the Epsom salt method, you will need to begin by drilling deep, evenly spaced holes into the stump. Also drill several diagonal holes starting on the outer bark. Do your best to intersect these holes with those coming down from above; they will help to increase the flow of air to the interior of the stump.  

Carefully fill each of the holes with kerosene. Allow it several minutes to soak into the stump, then add more as needed. Now use wood scraps to construct a small fire atop the stump. Ignite it using a fire starter. Monitor the stump until the fire has exhausted itself. Then, once it has cooled, remove any remaining portions of stump using an axe.

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