Reasons To Have Your Pine Trees Trimmed

If you have a large number of pine trees in your yard, you may be considering having the trees trimmed. Here are a few reasons why:

Ice Storms

When pine trees are exposed to ice, they can break, causing large amounts of property damage, especially if the trees are situated close to your home. Each pine tree branch includes a large number of needles, and as ice forms on the tree, each needle is individually coated by the frozen water. This causes the pine branch to become unbearably heavy, and consequently, the branch snaps off of the tree. 

As the branch falls, it can strike underlying trees and other structures on your property. Trimming the pines can help limit the number of branches that could be affected by icy weather. Any branches that are overhang your home, vehicles or other items on your property should be given trimming priority.


Pine trees tend to grow to high elevations. Thus, they are likely to be some of the tallest trees in your yard. In fact, white pines can reach a height of 150 feet, and some other pine species can grow even taller.

High winds can snap the tall trees or cause them to topple over, which can result in damages to structures that are yards away from the fallen pines. 


If you suspect that a pine tree in you yard is diseased, trimming the tree may be the best option for salvaging it. Some tree diseases are not treatable and if left unchecked, can spread throughout the tree, causing its death. 

A tree service professional will know how much of the tree needs to be trimmed and whether or not the trimming has a good chance of preventing the spread of the disease.

Lightning Damage

If your pine is damaged by lightning, portions of the tree can be killed by the extreme temperatures of the strike. If not trimmed away, the dead portions of the tree can become brittle and fall to the ground without warning. This can make it dangerous to work in your yard or enjoy your outdoor space. 

Since pine branches tend to be high above the ground, the trimming of a pine tree should only be performed by a professional.

To learn more about having your pine trees trimmed, consult with a tree specialist, like one from Good Morrow, in your area. He or she will be able to assess your pines and offer helpful advice concerning which trees need to be trimmed or even cut down.