Wood And Stump Leftover After Tree Removal? Use Them For Your Landscaping

If you have had a tree removed from your yard, you will have a lot of wood and a tree stumps left over. Instead of paying someone to remove these things for you, below are some ways you can use them for your landscaping. 


There are many things you can do with leftover wood for your landscaping, including:

Flowerbed Edging

Wood works great as an edging for flower gardens. Remove all bark from the wood, and use a chainsaw to cut the wood pieces the sizes you need. You may want to sand them down a little when you are finished cutting them to remove any small wood pieces that may be sticking out, which would cause splinters.

You could also be a little creative and cut the wood down to smaller pieces. Stick the pieces next to each other into the soil around the flowerbed until the pieces are secure. You could also stain and/or paint the wood pieces to give them aesthetic appeal.


You can also make mulch out of leftover wood. In order to do this, you will need to rent a wood chipper. This machine will chip down large pieces of wood into very small wood nuggets. You can rent a wood chipper at many home supply stores. If you have smaller pieces of wood, a wood chipper works well for grinding the pieces up.

Mulch is beneficial because it keeps weeds away, and also traps moisture in the soil so the soil does not dry out as quickly. 

Tree Stump

If you did not have the tree trimming company grind down the stump, you can dress it up to make it a part of your landscaping. One thing you can do is to place container plants on top of and around the stump. Choose flowering plants to give the stump some color. Set enough containers to cover the top of the stump, and then enough containers to go completely around the stump.

Choose containers that are brightly colored with designs on them to give the stump even more aesthetic appeal.

Before you do anything with the leftover wood, ask the tree trimming company (such as Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc.) if the tree they cut down had any kind of diseases and/or pests. If so, you should ask them to carry the wood away for you. They can dispose of it properly so the disease does not spread to other trees.