Signs Your Trees Are Sick

Even though your yard without trees seems unthinkable, you can lose your prize oaks and elms if you don't keep them healthy. Too often, people just take their trees for granted until something drastic happens, like fallen limbs or dead branches. You can help ensure the health of your trees if you watch for signs of illness. 


Deadwood has become an expression for people who do not contribute to a group effort, but it literally refers to dead branches on trees. These branches cannot bend with the wind, so they are likely to break off during a storm or on a gusty day, so they are a danger to anything or anyone in their path. If you notice deadwood on your trees, you need to contact a tree trimming service to remove it. You also need to have the tree examined to make sure it does not have a disease.


Just as cavities are a danger to your teeth, they are a problem for your trees. If you notice rotting wood and depressions in your trees, they may be suffering from some sort of disease. Peeling bark is another indication of a problem. If mushrooms or other fungi grow at the base of your tree, it's another strong sign of rot. Saving your tree may be possible if you consult with an arborist as soon as possible. 


If the visible roots of your tree look "slimy," you may have an infestation problem. Pests such as carpenter ants and other insects may be attacking the tree at its most important point. Left unchecked, this problem can cause your tree to die. In fact, the roots may become knotted and brittle, meaning your tree may simply topple over one day, often causing damage to your home and possibly injuring your family members. If the root system of any of your trees appears to be compromised, you must consult with a specialist. Sometimes the problem can be treated and your tree saved. If not, an arborist will advise that you have the tree taken down. 

You need to think about your trees in order to keep them healthy. Walk around your yard regularly and take stock of your trees' health. If you notice any of the above signs, consult with a specialist to see if your tree needs treatment or removal. Your best bet to keep your yard full of lush and lovely trees is awareness. To learn more, contact a company like Arborist Tree On Demand.