Should You Prune Or Remove Tree Branches Overhanging The House?

Shade trees can become too large, overhanging the roof and threatening damage in the event a branch breaks off. Sometimes the problem can be solved with proper pruning, while in other cases the best option is to remove the tree. House Proximity The proximity of the tree to the house is one of the more important factors that influence which option is best. For most landscape trees a distance of at least 15 feet between trunk and foundation is preferred, but it can vary depending on the tree species.

The Secret To Maintaining A Pristine Urban Jungle: Residential Tree Care Services

The responsibility of maintaining a lush green urban oasis can be overwhelming. Residential tree care services can turn your green dream into a sustainable, thriving reality. Residential tree care services can help address common problems tree owners face in urban environments. 1. The Roots of the Matter: Soil Care and Fertilization The foundation of any healthy tree starts with the soil it grows in. Residential tree care services understand the importance of soil care and fertilization in maintaining your urban jungle.

5 Ways To Manage Trees Around Powerlines

Although shade trees are nice in the yard, they can pose a safety hazard if they are growing beneath powerlines. Trimming techniques can sometimes be used to save the tree, but in some cases removal is necessary. 1. Shape Young    Shaping a tree beginning soon after planting is the next best thing to planting only low-growing trees beneath powerlines. If you already have a young tree beneath the power lines and moving it isn't an option, then annual pruning beginning when the tree is still lower than the powerlines can mitigate issues later.

5 Important Services Offered By A Tree Removal Company

Whether you're dealing with a hazardous tree, an overgrown tree, or just want to create more space in your backyard, working with a professional tree removal company is the safest way to remove a tree from your property. The team of professionals at a tree removal company will not only provide you with expertise and safety but also offer other services that you may not be aware of. Here are five services offered by a tree removal company:

Why You Should Avoid DIY Tree Removal And Use A Professional Instead

Putting up extra shelves in the kitchen, repainting the kids' bedrooms, hanging some new pictures on the living room walls — you name it, there are many home improvement projects you can DIY safely and correctly. Unfortunately, tree removal isn't one of them. Here are some reasons to avoid removing a tree on your own and get professional help instead. Tree Removal Is A Dangerous Job Tree removal involves working with sharp tools at great heights.

How To Tell If Your Tree Branches Are Diseased Or Dying

Trimming living branches can be tricky because you'll need to cut them at the right time to avoid damaging your tree. But if you discover diseased or dead tree branches, you should remove them to protect your tree. Make Sure the Branch Isn't Dormant Many tree species go dormant in the winter. However, the tree is still alive and will probably experience new growth in the spring. But dead sections of the tree are not coming back, and your tree will be healthier if you remove them.

Top Tips For Trimming Fruit Trees

Fruit trees do best when they are trimmed regularly. They tend to produce fruit more evenly and better fend off infectious diseases when they've received adequate pruning. In most cases, it is best to hire a tree trimming professional to come trim your fruit trees. However, if there are no professional trimmers in your area or your budget prevents you from hiring one, then you can manage this task on your own.

Tree Removal To Boost Property Value: What To Consider In Your Decision

Having trees on your property can greatly increase its value and will appeal to potential buyers when you decide to put the property on the market. Unfortunately, the same trees may sometimes take away from your property's value. In this case, tree removal may be the best option to help restore and boost your property's value and appeal. Avoid decreasing your property's value by considering these two main factors to inform your decision to schedule tree removal.