2 Reasons To Hire A Certified Arborist When Planting New Trees On Your Property

If the landscape on your home's property looks bare and has little shade, you may have decided that you want to start planting a variety of trees. Because of the investment and time needed to plant and take care of them, you want to give them the best start but are at a loss on how to do so.

If so, you should seriously consider having a professional help you when it comes time to plant the trees. Below are a couple of reasons to hire a certified arborist when planting new trees on your home's property.

1. They Can Give the Trees a Good Start by Selecting Ideal Locations and Testing the Soil

One reason you should hire an arborist to help you when planting trees on your property is that they have the specialized knowledge and experience to give the trees a good start. They can begin by discussing with you varieties that are known to thrive in your area.

Once the types of trees that you want planted are discussed, the professional will select several ideal locations for them. They will also test the soil to make sure that it has the nutrients needed for each tree variety and add the right fertilizer for any deficits they find.

2. They Can Provide Maintenance Services as the Trees Grow to Keep Them Healthy

Another reason you should have a certified professional help you with your property's new trees is that they can provide maintenance services as the trees grow. Especially while they are still young and have yet to fully take root, trees can be vulnerable to damage, diseases, and pests.

During the maintenance calls, the arborist will check the trees for signs of diseases and pests to see if any treatments are needed. They will also check the shape of the trees to see if they are growing correctly and correctly prune them to ensure they grow straight and healthy.

When you plant new trees on your property, you want to give them the best start so that they will grow healthy and strong. An arborist will test the soil at ideal locations to make sure the trees have what they need to get started. Then, as the trees grow and mature, the professional can provide maintenance services such as pruning and checking for diseases and pests to keep them healthy. If you are ready to get started or want more information, contact a certified arborist in your area to set up an appointment.