How To Tell If Your Tree Branches Are Diseased Or Dying

Trimming living branches can be tricky because you'll need to cut them at the right time to avoid damaging your tree. But if you discover diseased or dead tree branches, you should remove them to protect your tree.

Make Sure the Branch Isn't Dormant

Many tree species go dormant in the winter. However, the tree is still alive and will probably experience new growth in the spring. But dead sections of the tree are not coming back, and your tree will be healthier if you remove them.

When a Tree Branch Dies

When tree branches die, they dry out and become brown. It might not be immediately apparent that the tree branches are dead, but you can find several warning signs if you take a closer look.

Look for Peeling Bark

Inspect the bark. If you notice bark peeling off, this is a common sign that the branch is dying or dead. All trees lose some bark, but the tree replaces the lost bark with new growth. But dead or dying sections of the tree cannot do this, and the wood will look smooth underneath. 

Beware of Several Species of Fungus

Look for fungus growing on the tree. Several species of fungi can infect a tree, such as wood conchs, when it is in a weakened state.

Look for Missing Leaves

You may need help identifying dying branches in the winter because all leaves have already fallen off. But from spring onward, you can identify dead and dying tree branches because they will lack leaves, unlike neighboring branches.

Consider Removing Weakened Branches

Some tree branches aren't dead yet but are weakening. They might have leaves, but there are warning signs of structural issues. The branch might be bent very far and now cannot fully heal.

Don't Let a Disease Kill Your Tree

A disease might also be infecting a tree branch and slowly killing it. You must assess your tree to determine if you can remove the diseased branch or if the tree cannot be saved. The disease might spread and reinfect the tree after you remove the diseased branch. 

Sometimes, there is a treatment that can cure the disease. You'll then remove branches of the tree that you cannot save.

Hire a Tree Trimming Service

If you don't have much time to trim your trees, hire a tree service to do it for you. Tree trimming professionals can quickly identify diseased or dead tree branches and remove them while protecting your tree. For more information on tree trimming, contact a professional near you.