Why You Should Avoid DIY Tree Removal And Use A Professional Instead

Putting up extra shelves in the kitchen, repainting the kids' bedrooms, hanging some new pictures on the living room walls — you name it, there are many home improvement projects you can DIY safely and correctly.

Unfortunately, tree removal isn't one of them.

Here are some reasons to avoid removing a tree on your own and get professional help instead.

Tree Removal Is A Dangerous Job

Tree removal involves working with sharp tools at great heights. If you accidentally come into contact with these tools while working, you can sustain serious injury. You also run the risk of falling from a tree or getting struck by falling branches, which can lead to grievous harm.

Professional crews are fully trained and highly experienced in ensuring work safety during tree removal. They know how to identify and mitigate potential work hazards, choose the best techniques for the job, and properly use the tools and equipment required for the job. 

Without this level of training, experience, and expertise, you can put yourself in harm's way by attempting a DIY tree removal.

Tree Removal Can Cause Property Damage

If not done correctly, tree removal can cause damage to property, which can be expensive to repair. Falling branches or trees can cause damage to roofs, overhead power lines, vehicles, and other structures or items on your property.

Aside from practicing work safety procedures and protocols, professional tree removal companies also purchase insurance coverage to protect you against financial losses from any damage that may occur while they're removing a tree on your behalf.

DIY tree removal leaves you responsible for any property damage that happens. The financial implications due to a botched DIY tree removal can be too significant to justify not using a professional for the job.

Tree Removal May Be Regulated 

Depending on where your property is located, there may be legal requirements for tree removal in that particular area. For instance, you may need a permit to remove a regulated or significant tree and be required to compensate for its removal by planting two or more trees.

Professional tree removal companies operating in your area are familiar with these legal requirements and can ensure that the tree removal is performed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

Hiring a professional will ensure fast, safe, and legally compliant removal of your tree. It will also minimize the financial losses that you may incur if something goes wrong with the job.

Contact a tree removal company to get your free cost estimate.