Tree Removal To Boost Property Value: What To Consider In Your Decision

Having trees on your property can greatly increase its value and will appeal to potential buyers when you decide to put the property on the market. Unfortunately, the same trees may sometimes take away from your property's value. In this case, tree removal may be the best option to help restore and boost your property's value and appeal.

Avoid decreasing your property's value by considering these two main factors to inform your decision to schedule tree removal.

1. Condition of the Tree

Tree removal is the best option for damaged, diseased, or dead trees. The branches on trees in such conditions are more likely to sway and fall off in stormy weather. The branches may just as easily give out even under the best weather conditions. These falling branches, or even entire trees, can cause serious damage to your home and severe injuries to anyone on whom they may land.

Additionally, trees in such bad shape can be an eyesore. They'll create a not-so-great first impression on potential buyers. With diseased trees, you also have to consider the risk of the disease spreading to other trees on your property. If treating the tree no longer seems possible, schedule tree removal.        

2. Tree Placement

Consider tree removal if the tree is too close to your home. You will want to get rid of trees that are a few feet from your property for various reasons. Root ingress into your property's foundation can compromise its structural integrity, posing a serious safety risk. 

Similarly, you'd need to invest too much time clearing the leaves from overgrown limbs. In the event of a heavy storm, the overgrown limbs may fall onto your property, causing damage to your roof and other parts of your structure.

Again, the right type of tree at the wrong spot can contribute to a poor overall landscape design. If the tree looks out of place, creates a dull atmosphere by blocking the sun, or blocks out the best view of your property, you may want to consider getting rid of it.

An alternative to tree removal in the case of poor placement is moving the tree. Choose another spot further away from your home. A certified arborist can advise you on whether this option is viable.

Do It Right

Not sure if a particular tree should stay or go? Get an expert's opinion and decide whether or not to schedule tree removal based on the professional assessment. Done right, tree removal can boost your property's curb appeal. Trust the experts with the removal and related services, such as stump removal, for the best results.