Want To Add An Irrigation System? Prepare For Installation With Tree Service

Manually watering your entire landscape takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you want to move away from a manual watering routine and replace it with an irrigation system, you should make sure that your landscape is ready for this addition to your property. Hiring a tree service company, such as Phoenix Tree Service, is a great first step because they can provide you with valuable guidance for your landscape.

Increasing The Fruit Production Of Your Pomegranate Tree

If you love pomegranates but your tree doesn't seem to be producing as many fruits as it should be, then there are some specific actions you can take to increase its production numbers for next October's harvest, including the following: Properly Prune the Tree Each Winter Prune pomegranate trees only in the winter when no more leaves are on its branches. There is no reason to prune each year as you would with a plum or peach tree.

Here Are A Few Things To Know About Removing A Tree From Your Yard

If you have trees in your yard, it may be necessary to remove one of them at some point due to storm damage, age, or insect damage. Tree removal is a dangerous job that can be more complicated if there is little room to maneuver or if the tree is badly damaged. Even if it is a fairly small and healthy tree, it could be too dangerous to attempt cutting it down yourself since a mistake could cause serious injury.

Are You Landscaping Your Front Yard?

Is your front yard like a clean slate, very few plants, if any at all? Perhaps you moved into a previously-owned home whose yards have been neglected. Or, because of a different focus in your life, perhaps being busy raising children or working to succeed in your business, you might not have had time to work on the front yard.  Maybe your backyard looks great because you spend more time there.

3 Important Reasons To Hire Tree Removal Professionals

Have you come to realize that one or more of your trees didn't survive the winter? Are you currently making plans to cut the damaged tree or trees down before any serious damage occurs? While it's definitely a good idea to get rid of trees that are dead or almost dead, doing this yourself may not be the best idea. If your tree has a trunk that is larger than a couple inches in diameter or the tree itself is more than around ten to fifteen feet in height, you should seriously consider hiring a professional to get rid of the tree for you.

It's Almost Time For The Blossoms To Appear: How To Keep Bugs Away From Your Fruit Trees

Spring is almost here, which means your fruit trees will start coming to life again. As soon as the first blossoms appear, you'll need to be prepared to begin spring tree care. One of the things you'll need to be on the look-out for is bug problems. You might not realize this, but as soon as the blossoms start to appear, so will the bugs. Unfortunately, bugs can destroy your trees and your fruit production.