Increasing The Fruit Production Of Your Pomegranate Tree

If you love pomegranates but your tree doesn't seem to be producing as many fruits as it should be, then there are some specific actions you can take to increase its production numbers for next October's harvest, including the following:

Properly Prune the Tree Each Winter

Prune pomegranate trees only in the winter when no more leaves are on its branches. There is no reason to prune each year as you would with a plum or peach tree. Allowing the tree to grow out every other year will make it stronger and encourage it to produce more fruit.

When pruning, make sure you trim away the highest branches to prevent waste from fruit you can't reach to harvest. If the tree grows too big, then all the fruit up high will simply feed birds and go to waste.

Don't Over-Water Your Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate trees are drought-resistant, and you never need to water them every day. In the spring, you should water the tree if it hasn't rained for over a week. During the hot summer months, switch to a schedule of watering every two or three days. When the tree is dormant in the winter, it does not need to be watered at all.

Regularly Apply a Fruit Tree Fertilizer 

For maximum pomegranate production, your tree needs to be fed with a fertilizer. This species of tree is very hearty and can be fed with a basic fertilizer designed for fruit trees. The amount of fertilizer your tree needs depends on its size, and there will be detailed instructions on the fertilizer's package.

Harvest All of the Fruit in October When it Starts Splitting Open

When pomegranates are ripe, they will split open. As soon as the fruit on your tree starts splitting, then it is safe to harvest them. Typically, pomegranates are harvested in the month of October around Halloween. 

It is important to harvest all of the fruit and avoid letting any of it rot below the tree. Rotting fruit will attract rodents and insects, and it can lead to tree diseases.

Utilizing Professional Tree Care Services for Fruit Trees

As one final note, it's important to mention that pruning and caring for pomegranates and other fruiting trees is a science. If you get it wrong, then your trees won't produce as much fruit as they otherwise would. For this reason, if you don't have any experience caring for fruiting trees, then you should seriously consider utilizing a professional tree care service company like Souliere & Son Tree Specialists in your local area. Let a professional arborist prune each fruit tree and then educate you how to care for them moving forward.