Are You Landscaping Your Front Yard?

Is your front yard like a clean slate, very few plants, if any at all? Perhaps you moved into a previously-owned home whose yards have been neglected. Or, because of a different focus in your life, perhaps being busy raising children or working to succeed in your business, you might not have had time to work on the front yard. 

Maybe your backyard looks great because you spend more time there. Now that you're ready to landscape your front yard, from arranging for tree removal services to planting new plants and trees, here are some ideas that might help you to create an attractive front yard that will welcome you and your guests every time you approach your home.

Get Rid Of Unsightly Trees and Plants - Have you been looking at a huge old tree, realizing that the time has come to have it eliminated from your front yard? Maybe at one time it was beautiful, giving shade to the rest of the yard and to your home. Then maybe it decayed and wasn't good for anything, except maybe firewood. If that's the case, consider arranging for tree removal services.

Doing the job yourself might be tempting, but you more than likely don't have the tools and equipment that professionals have to do the job. In addition, professionals have the training and the experience to remove your old tree safely. The frosting-on-the-cake is that, if you don't want to keep the tree for firewood, the tree removal service will cart the tree away for you. Think of getting rid of things like dead plants and weeds, too. 

Replace The Old With The New - After the tree removal service has finished its job, there will be a large gap in your front yard, right? Think of ways you could fill that gap that will add beauty to the landscaping of your front yard. For example, if the space is large enough, think of planting two or three small crepe myrtle plants of three different colors. As time goes by, the three trees will eventually grow together, creating a dramatic display of color in your front yard.

Where you have removed dead plants or plants that didn't enhance your yard, consider doing something unique with the space that is left. For example, combine huge rocks with plants like moss rose, hibiscus, and ferns to add interest to the landscaping. 

For more information, contact a company like Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service.