Here Are A Few Things To Know About Removing A Tree From Your Yard

If you have trees in your yard, it may be necessary to remove one of them at some point due to storm damage, age, or insect damage. Tree removal is a dangerous job that can be more complicated if there is little room to maneuver or if the tree is badly damaged. Even if it is a fairly small and healthy tree, it could be too dangerous to attempt cutting it down yourself since a mistake could cause serious injury. Here are a few other things to know about having a tree removed.

The Dormant Season Is A Good Time For Tree Removal

If your tree is damaged or dying, then removing it could be an emergency situation that requires cutting down the tree as soon as possible. However, if your tree can wait until the best time of year, you may want to schedule the removal for winter or early spring. During that time, leaves are bare or sparse and that makes the work easier.

Also, it's the slow time for tree services and you might get a better deal than if you wait until the summer when more people are calling for help. Plus, by removing the tree before spring rains and storms roll in, you won't have to worry about it falling over and damaging your home or property.

Stump Removal Could Be A Separate Job

When you get a quote for the tree removal, understand everything you'll get. Ideally, the tree will be cut down and hauled away, and the stump will be removed as well. Stumps aren't automatically removed at the same time the tree is cut down. It might be removed later or you might even have to call a separate company to grind the stump.

As long as you know in advance, you won't be surprised at added fees. You may want the stump gone if it's in your front yard, but if the tree is in the back, you may leave it and save on the cost of tree removal.

You May Need A Permit From The City

Find out if you need a permit from the city before you consider having the tree removed. Even when the tree is on private property, you might not be allowed to remove it if it is healthy and it's a protected species. Dying trees, damaged trees, young trees, and certain species of trees may not require permits at all. The permit process might be time-consuming, so if you need one, apply well before the time you plan to have the work done.

You Could Use The Tree For Mulch And Firewood

Depending on the type of tree you cut down, it might make good firewood if you have a fireplace in your home. The smaller branches can even be ground up into mulch you can use in your garden and flower beds. If you have the ability to turn the tree into firewood and mulch yourself, you might save on the cost of tree removal and get free firewood for next winter as an added bonus.

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