Want To Add An Irrigation System? Prepare For Installation With Tree Service

Manually watering your entire landscape takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. If you want to move away from a manual watering routine and replace it with an irrigation system, you should make sure that your landscape is ready for this addition to your property. Hiring a tree service company, such as Phoenix Tree Service, is a great first step because they can provide you with valuable guidance for your landscape.

Water Needs

While you may have been able to keep all the trees on your property alive, you may not know the optimal amount of water to give each tree. This is information that you can get from a tree service professional after they perform a thorough inspection of your landscape.

If you find that one tree demands a substantial amount of water, and you are looking to keep your water usage to a minimum, you may want to consider removing it to avoid a costly water bill.

Tree Health

Although you may think that the trees in your yard are healthy, one of them could be suffering from a sickness or pest infestation that has gotten to the point of no return. So, figuring out the health of all your trees before installing an irrigation system will help you avoid adding an extra sprinkler or dripper for a tree that must be removed because it can no longer be saved.

New Trees

When you look at your landscape, you may like the trees that you see in the front yard and backyard. But, you may be interested in adding even more trees to your property. While you could install an irrigation system and plant new trees later, you will enjoy a seamless setup by growing the trees first and making sure the initial installation covers all their watering needs.

Root Situation

Another detail to consider when adding irrigation to your landscape is tree roots. Some trees may have shallow and invasive roots that could end up damaging your sprinkler system. A tree service expert can inform you about all the trees that may potentially cause this problem in your yard.

When working on plans for the irrigation system, you can use this information to avoid sprinklers in areas where roots may end up growing, which will help you avoid costly repairs.

Hiring a tree service company when you are interested in adding an irrigation system is smart because they can help you get ready for this addition in many ways.