4 Reasons Tree Service Technicians Avoid Topping Off A Tree

Pruning and trimming trees can be done with several methods. One method that good tree service technicians avoid involves cutting off the top of the tree or cutting back secondary branches excessively far. Sometimes service technicians wind up topping off trees on a highway if those trees are growing into power lines, but they generally don't want to do this on residential or commercial properties. Some arborists, in fact, may refuse to do this type of work.

Children's Crafts Using Trimmed Branches

After you've had the trees around your home trimmed, you end up with a giant pile of branches. These branches can be hauled away or you can use them for crafts. If you have kids, let them help you make interesting decorations or useful items out of the branches. Branch Coat Hanger A thicker branch with smaller branches jutting off it can become a neat coat hanger in a child's room.

Before You Trim An Oak Tree, You Need To Know About Oak Wilt

Oak trees are beautiful. If you're lucky enough to have a healthy oak tree in your yard – or even more than one – you want to take the best care of it possible. But like all trees, oaks have their own diseases. One of the most serious diseases affecting oak trees in the United States right now is oak wilt, and improper trimming and pruning is a big part of how this disease is spread.