Children's Crafts Using Trimmed Branches

After you've had the trees around your home trimmed, you end up with a giant pile of branches. These branches can be hauled away or you can use them for crafts. If you have kids, let them help you make interesting decorations or useful items out of the branches.

Branch Coat Hanger

A thicker branch with smaller branches jutting off it can become a neat coat hanger in a child's room. Cut down branches so that you have a few pieces long enough to hang something off of it. Let your child spray paint the entire branch any color desired. Once it is dry, hang the branch on the wall next to the door of the bedroom. Your child can hang coats, hats, or school bags from the "hooks."

Letter Blocks

Letter blocks are fun to play with. Kids love to stack them and watch them topple over. They are also great learning tools because kids can learn the letters and begin to spell words. Instead of traditional letter blocks, turn a thick branch into round wooden blocks for your kids. Choose a branch without any smaller pieces and slice it into 1-inch thick slabs. Use a permanent marker or a wood burning kit to place the letters on the center of the slabs. If you want your kid to help you make the blocks, they can help paint the wood with a protective coating so it lasts.

Swing Shelves

There is nothing better than sitting on a wooden swing hanging from a tree branch during a warm summer day. If your child loves that activity then so would their favorite toys. Make small swings using branches and rope. Tie the rope to the ends of thick branches. Attach the rope to the wall of the child's bedroom so that the swing dangles but rests up against the wall. Your child can place favorite toys on the swings and they will stay in place thanks to the wall behind it. Your child can help with this project by tying the knots for you.

Origami Mobile

Branches make great mobile's for a child's room. Find one that has a good "Y" shape. Attach string to the ends and have the strings meet in the middle to hang up the branch. You can now decorate the mobile any way your child wants. Want a suggestion? You and your child can work together to make origami butterflies and flowers. Dangle the butterflies from branch using thread and glue the flowers to the branch.

Unwanted trimmed branches don't need to go the landfill or be left to rot in the sun. Turn them into something pretty and useful with your child's help. For assistance with trimming your tree branches, contact a professional such as Tree Smart Inc.