3 Ways To Get Rid Of Septic System Roots

While your septic system remains underground, it is close to tree roots and other underground vegetation. Also, trees growing on your property constantly search for moisture and nutrients, spreading their roots to your septic system.

Your tree roots may move through a weak spot in the sewer pipe into the sewer system, causing blockages and leakage. If you have identified tree roots in your sewage system, discover three ways to eliminate them to avoid hazardous effects.

1. Cut Off the Tree Roots

Mechanical removal is one of the most common ways to remove septic system roots. This process involves inserting a mechanical clearing tool through the access points into the pipe. The device has a rotating auger with sharpened blades to cut any roots accumulated inside the sewer line.

You should consult with your tree service provider to help with the process to avoid instances of damaging the system. Also, a professional will effectively clear the roots to prevent them from returning to the system. In this case, if the existing weak points in the systems aren't repaired, the roots will eventually grow back into the pipe, causing more damage.

2. Undertake Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments retard root growth. For example, copper sulfate septic treatments are the common chemicals designed to kill the septic system roots and ensure they don't grow back. In this case, the chemical provides a poison barrier with the soil and kills the roots before they can grow into the sewer pipes.

You should provide regular chemical treatments to reduce root infiltration's adverse effects at regular intervals. This method is ideal and safe for your trees because the chemicals don't travel very far up the roots, ensuring they will remain unaffected.

3. Undertake Tree Root Removal

You can opt for tree removal when you can't clear your system roots with chemicals. In this case, a hazardous tree removal expert assesses your sewer system to provide better diagnostics on the extent of the damage.

As a result, they can remove the tree roots manually and repair any damage to prevent the roots from getting back into the system.

Ideally, your sewer system is prone to damage from tree roots. In such cases, it is essential to contact a tree removal services company to help identify the damage and eliminate the roots efficiently. However, it is also best to schedule frequent sewer system maintenance to prevent the entry of these roots into the system. 

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.