5 Tree Tips To Build A Backyard Forest Garden

Few yard designs emulate the casual beauty of nature better than a forest garden. And while many elements come together to create a great forest garden, certainly the most important are the trees. What should you know about caring for your backyard forest to bring out its best? Here are a few key tips.

1. Consult a Tree Service. Before you decide which trees to plant, where to plant them, or what plants to complement them with, consult an experienced tree service. This helps you avoid costly future problems such as root damage, shade/sun issues, and high maintenance greenery. 

2. Start With Existing Trees. The best forest garden starts with the trees you already have in place. Assess these to make sure they're healthy and stable. Have them properly trimmed if they're overgrown — before you add any other plants, shrubs, or trees. Once you know what you're working with, you can decide what trees to add. 

3. Ensure Sun and Shade. A forest garden should have plenty of shade, but you may not want it to be completely shaded all the time. Too much shade causes moisture issues and stunts the growth of many lower plants. The ideal canopy is usually one that provides dappled shade throughout the day, so keep it carefully trimmed to avoid overgrowth. 

4. Avoid Fire Risks. The more trees and greenery you have in your yard, the more fire risk you take on. However, you can mitigate this risk with tree management. For instance, trim trees so that their canopies don't generally touch one another and allow a fire to pass from one to the next. And make sure to keep trees healthy and pest-free in order to reduce their flammability. 

5. Include Fruit Trees. A forest garden isn't just a forest in your yard. It can also be a garden with edible plants and fruits everyone can enjoy. Select fruit trees native or semi-native to your climate and blend them with the main trees. Smaller fruit trees not only add color and interest, but they also complement larger, mature trees in size and scale. However, they may need more maintenance and trimming than trees that don't produce fruit. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your forest garden? The best resource to begin with is an experienced tree service. They'll work with you to identify the right trees, understand what maintenance they will require, and learn how you can incorporate any trees already living in your space. Call today to make an appointment for analyzing your yard.

For more information, contact tree trimming services near you.