2 Tips to Get Your Landscaping Ready for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, so it is time to start making plans on getting your landscaping ready. There are many things you should do when it comes to the trees and flowers in your yard. Keep reading so you will have beautiful landscaping that you can be proud of.

Trim Trees

Spring is the best time to trim the trees on your property. This is because trimming will stimulate new growth. This means your trees will look and be healthier and full of beautiful leaves and/or flowers that you can enjoy. You do need to make sure you have your trees trimmed in early spring to give them the best chance.

Hire a tree trimming service to trim the trees for you. This is important as they know how to properly do this. For example, you do not want to remove a lot of branches during the spring months. Not trimming the right way can take more branches away. The way you trim will also depend on the type of trees you have. Å tree trimming service knows this information so they will do the job well for you.

If you have tall trees, it is especially important that a tree trimming service does this. They have equipment that allows them to get to the top of trees without becoming injured. 

Get Flowers and Bushes Ready

If you have perennials in your yard they will start growing back again. When this happens depends on the type of perennials you have. For example, spring perennials, such as tulips, daffodils, buttercups, and hyacinths grow at the beginning of spring and will generally only last a few weeks. There are some perennials that will not start growing until summer, such as the Black-eyed Susan, coneflowers, daisies, and more. 

This is a good time to fertilize the flowers that you have to help give them a good start no matter when they will start blooming. There are a variety of fertilizers that you can purchase. There is liquid fertilizer and powdered fertilizer. There is also slow-release fertilizer that comes in granules. This type is beneficial as you will not have to worry about fertilizing your flowers throughout the growing season. 

If you have bushes, ask the tree trimming service if they can also trim these for you. They may have dead areas due to winter or they may be overgrown. If you have a row of bushes in front of your home, you need to make sure they are all shaped and sized the same way to make them look good. 

The tree trimming service can give you much more information about trimming trees. Also, a landscape contractor can help you with your flowers, if needed.