FAQs People Have When Planning To Have Land Cleared

Do you have a plot of land with trees that you wish was a plot of cleared land? The easiest solution is generally to hire a land clearing company and let them come take down all the trees. These companies have the equipment and the skilled labor necessary to perform these services. But you may still have a few questions you want to be answered before you let them start hauling those trees away! Hopefully, you find the answers to your questions below.

Do you need to have the land clearing company remove all of the trees?

If there are some trees on the property that you want to keep, the land clearing company can leave them behind. They will probably ask, though, that you go through and mark the trees you don't want to be removed. This is easy to do with chalk spray. You can spray a big, orange "X" on the trunks of trees you want to be left. The chalk will rinse off the trees' bark when it rains. (So check that there's no predicted rain between the time you mark the trees and when the land clearing company comes.)

What happens to the trees?

Most land clearing companies will mulch the trees while they are working. They'll then either sell this mulch, or they will use it for other landscaping projects that their company does. If you want to keep the trees, though, you can typically arrange for this. The fee may be a bit different, depending on how the land clearing company structures its prices. Just make sure you give the land clearing company a lot of advanced notice so they can plan and bring the right equipment.

Will there be stumps left behind?

Most land clearing companies include stump grinding and removal in their services. However, it never hurts to check and be sure. Some companies may require you to pay an extra fee to have the stumps also removed from your land. It's worth having this done professionally, either way. You can rent a stump grinder, but they are difficult to use, especially when you have numerous stumps to grind down. 

Land clearing is pretty simple from the client's perspective. Just make sure you get a contract, in writing, before the company starts clearing the land. Read through the contract to ensure it includes all of the work that needs to be done, and then bring up any additions to your contractor.

Talk to a land clearing contractor for more information.