3 Reasons Why Your Yard Needs Landscaping

Is summer taking a toll on your yard? Does it look like a herd of cattle stampedes across it daily, despite all of the work that you do? Although it's a relatively simple-looking plant, grass can actually be super demanding and picky at times. Add in any shrubs or flower beds you have, and you can have even more trouble getting things to grow. If you want to whip your lawn into shape, it'll help to hire a professional company to take care of things for you, at least until things look the way you want them to. Some of the things that a professional can help with include the following.

Soil analysis: Some people simply go to the nearest lawn & garden store, buy the first fertilizer that they see, and use it on their entire yard. This may be better than nothing, but it can also do more harm than good. If you have too much of a certain nutrient in your soil and the fertilizer just adds more of that same nutrient, this can be even more detrimental than not adding fertilizer at all. A landscaping service will offer to test your soil before adding any fertilizer, helping to ensure that your lawn, trees, and other plants are all getting the nutrients they need.

Aeration: Over time, soil can become compacted as people walk across it. Plants have a hard time sending their roots through compacted soil so they won't grow as well or as large as they would normally. One of the things that a landscaping service can do is properly aerate your soil so that everything can grow well. Depending on your soil, this may require specialized equipment or knowledge in order to avoid harming the existing plants or lawn that you already have.

Trimming/pruning: For optimal results, grass often has to be mowed at least twice a week, while many shrubs need to be pruned back at least every other week. When you lead a busy life, making time for these chores can be difficult. It's not necessarily impossible to keep to this schedule, but it's certainly a lot easier to simply hire a landscaping service to take care of everything for you. Instead of having to take time away from other important things, the landscapers will show up once or twice a week to trim and prune as necessary. As part of this process, they should also eliminate any weeds that they find growing. Your lawn will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood with all of this professional attention.

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