4 Tips To Help Deal With Spring Tree Trimming Waste When Burning Is Prohibited

Is the weather getting warmer, but you still haven't had your trees trimmed? When you do trim your trees, there is going to be some waste that you need to deal with. One option is to burn it, which is not a very environmentally-friendly solution and may be prohibited during dry weather. The following tips should help you deal with spring waste when burning is prohibited.

1. Using the Small Waste as A Compost Base to Plant a Raised Garden Over

When you regularly have trees trimmed, the waste that is produced in the spring is going to mostly be smaller materials. These are great materials to add to your compost pile. If they are a little too large for the compost pile, break them down by cutting them up with a saw or running them through a wood chipper to turn them into smaller materials that will break down faster.

2. Mulching Larger Trimming Waste to Create Ground Cover for Landscaping

One of the easiest ways to get rid of larger waste materials is to turn it into mulch with a wood chipper. After you have mulched the materials, they can then be used as ground cover for features like flowerbeds in landscaping or garden paths around your home. Before mulching, make sure to remove leaves and smaller materials and throw them into the compost pile.

3. Using the Trimmings for Natural Materials in A Garden to Replace Metal and Plastic

Trimmings from trees can be great materials to reuse in the garden to replace things like metal supports for vegetables like tomatoes. Use the thick twigs can support vegetables, saplings, and other plants in a vegetable garden or your landscaping. In addition, you can use twine to tie branches together and build trellises to use for different features in your landscaping or a garden.

4. Using the Larger Materials for Seasoned Firewood Next Winter and Lumber or Timber

When trimming the trees around your home, there may be some larger branches that need to be cut or dying trees that need to be removed. The larger scrap can be used for things like seasoned firewood to heat your home next winter. The materials can also be used for raw timber or lumber materials if you like to do woodworking projects around your home.

Contact a tree trimming service for help when you are dealing with spring tree care.