Planting, Growing, And Raising Trees: How Tree Services Can Help

Yes, you can buy trees from a greenhouse or a discount retail store with a home and garden center, but then you have to follow the instructions on the tiny tag on how to plant them. These instructions are often the most basic of instructions. Following them blindly without knowing the repercussions of where you are planting your trees is not a good idea. (You also have to know how to care for the trees you buy and plant.) It's a good idea to hire a tree service company to help you with the selection, planting, and care of your trees. Here is how your local tree service company can help.

They Provide a List of Trees That Will Grow Well in Your Yard

The soil in different parts of the country is comprised of very different materials. The PH levels in soil vary widely too. A tree service company can share a list of trees with you that will grow well in the soil in your yard. You can select the types and kinds of trees you want from this list. The tree service can help you find good, healthy specimens to plant in your yard.

They Find the Best Locations for the Trees You Chose

Trees should never be planted too close to property lines, utility lines, street curbs, or sewer lines. These are all very bad places to plant trees because of the eventual damage their root systems can cause to things underground and damage their limbs and branches can cause in the air. The tree service crew will show you the safest places to plant your trees, and then allow you to choose where you are going to plant each tree you chose and bought. 

They Plant the Trees at the Correct Depth and Area Surrounding the Base

Instructions included with a lot of trees that you could have purchased on your own are often vague. Digging holes to a certain depth and diameter often escape homeowners because they do not know that the root systems of trees need to spread out and down after transplant. However, the tree service crew are experts on uprooting trees, planting trees, and replanting trees. They already know how dozens of different kinds and types of trees should be planted. Having the crew plant your trees means that they will be planted according to type, kind, and what each individual tree needs to grow healthy, tall, and strong.

Contact a company like The Tree Lady Company for more information and assistance.