Four Reasons Not To Skip Your Annual Tree Trimming Appointment

With winter drawing to a close, it's time for your annual tree trimming appointment! You may be tempted to skip this appointment, particularly if your trees seem to look okay and you have not really had any issues with them. But annual tree trimming is important for a number of reasons. Here's a look.

Diseased branches are removed early on.

Most fungal diseases that affect trees begin on just a branch or two before spreading to the rest of the tree. If your tree care expert identifies and removes the damaged branches early on, the infection won't get the chance to spread, and you may not have to treat the tree with fungicides. Some fungal infections can become quite serious and claim your tree's life if not detected early, so if you skip this year's trimming appointment and your tree is infected, it may be too late to save your tree by the time you have it trimmed again.

Removing old growth stimulates new growth.

You want your tree to look green and lush, right? This will only happen if the old branches are periodically removed. When your tree care expert removes the older branches, more nutrients and water are leftover for the younger branches that remain. As a result, these branches send out more little shoots and develop more leaves. In the case of fruiting trees, fruit production will increase, and you'll also notice more springtime blossoms.

Having a branch blow into your home can be disastrous.

Chances are, there are some branches on your tree that are getting a bit too large or heavy. If a storm blows in, those branches may break away and end up on your roof or piercing through your window. When you have your tree trimmed, your landscaper will be careful to remove any branches that are in danger of breaking off so you're not left dealing with thousands of dollars in damage after a thunderstorm.

It's better to remove a little at a time.

Removing too many branches at once can place strain on a tree. But if you wait too long between trimming appointments and your tree care expert finds a lot of diseased or cracked branches, he or she may have no choice but to remove a lot of growth at once. It's better to have your tree trimmed annually so that only a few branches need to be removed each time.