How To Decide When Tree Removal Is Right And Dealing With The Mess Left Behind

Trees are a very valuable addition to your property, but they are also a hazard when they are unhealthy and at risk of falling. To keep you family and your property safe, sometimes tree removal is the right decision to make. Before you decide on tree removal, you may want to make sure that you have tried to solve the problem, and when it comes time to remove the tree, you will have a mess to clean up. Here are some things to consider about removing a tree and dealing with the mess after it is gone:

1. Treating Minor Insect Damage with Pruning and Insect Treatments

Insect damage is something that will eventually kill a tree if the problem is not addressed. Insects like beetles, ants, and bees will eat a tree and eventually kill it. Treat the tree for the insect problems and then remove any affected branches to ensure that there are no larvae left behind. If you have a common problem with honey bees, you can just have a pest service remove the bees, which are good for the environment and should not be killed.

2. Dealing with Storm Damage That Has Broken Branches on Trees

Storm damage is something that can kill a tree. Sometimes, the damage is only minor, and the branches that are damaged can be trimmed. When trimming storm damage, you want to remove any branches that have been broken or seriously injured by a storm. Try not to cut too many branches, which can expose trees to insects and disease during warmer rainy months of the year. You can wait until the weather gets colder to do any additional pruning that your tree may need to have done.

3. Removal and Disposal of Trees Due to Insect and Disease Infestations

Trees that have been infested with insects or disease often need to be removed. This will leave you with a pile of waste that you must deal with. If the problem was an invasive species, you may need to destroy the debris. Destroying waste can be done by burning it; if it cannot be hauled off by a tree service. Another solution is to use the waste as lumber, which can be attractive when discoloration from insects like beetles gives the wood different hues of blues and greys.

4. Dealing with Waste and Problems Due to Stumps That Get Left Behind

Stumps are another problem with tree removal that you will have to deal with. Stumps are sometimes not a problem if they are out of the way. When a stump is in the middle of your garden, you will want to get rid of it. You can dig the stump up, burn it, or have a stump grinding service remove the stump for you.

When you have a tree that cannot be saved, cutting it down may be the best way to deal with the hazard. Contact a tree removal service such as Chandlers Tree Service to get help with your tree care needs and removal when the tree cannot be saved.